Join The No. 1 Resell Right Membership

Join The No. 1 Resell Right Membership

Do you know that selling digital products will provide you with highest profit margin when compared to tangible items? Unlike traditional products that must factor in production costs, digital products are available in unlimited quantities. You can resell the identical product hundreds of times to different clients.

Just like ordinary goods, digital products require research and product development. There is still an investment of time and capital.

As with any product creation, there is risk involved. Creating a product carries a lot of risks. What if there is no demand? Will your investment be sacrificed?


With a Super-Resell Resell Rights Membership you are safe! By becoming a Super-Resell member you will have unlimited access and download rights to more than 8000 products with resell rights, master resell rights or private label rights!

At Super-Resell there are more than 8000 of products! Super-Resell covers hundreds of different topics including health, relationships, marketing, including many other niches.

The resell rights membership value is almost unlimited, just review the possible ideas below to see what type of success you can achieve with your ideas and your Super-Resell membership!

1. Start your own internet business. 

There are thousands of resell right products in our inventory, so you can easily pick one of the products, create a website, and then start selling that product.  You can even use an easier way, by choosing a digital product with readymade web site then straight away you can upload them to your web server and start selling the product without complication involving developing a website.

We confident in our service that the money you spent here will be the best investment in your lifetime. There are thousands of different products for you to choose, by adopting the right approach, we are confident that you will make a profit using our membership. Then off course as with any business, you still need to spend some time to find the right product for your business model and market your site via the proper to channel to get customer to purchase your product.

Why we believe our membership is the best investment you may ever make? Let’s look at a real world example, in real life if you feel bored and decided to buy a movie on DVD to enjoy at home. The DVD which you bought is a product. The same theory applies here, if should you choose a “Directory Submission Software” as one of the products you choose, then customers who need “Directory Submission Software” will buy it from you! They need the software to save time because submitting each website to directory would very time consuming otherwise!

What Super-Resell offers you are valuable products that can be resold to consumers who need them. 

2. Add more value to your existing products or services.

Do you know that by adding bonuses to your service or products is a good way to increase the conversion rate? That is because customers love bonus! If you already have an existing service or product, you can attract more customers by adding bonus products to your catalogue. With 8000+ products to choose from, and with new products added regularly, why not offer incentive bonuses for your customers!

3. Use it for your own personal use.

Besides having a license to sell these products, you can also use these products for reference or your own personal needs. There are over thousands products covering hundreds different topics. We’re pretty sure you will find what you need.

Above are just a few ideas about what you can do with our Super-Resell Membership, There are lots more things you can actually create, such as a special interest membership site, an On-Line Book Store, or add these products to enhance a service you already provide. Everyone is blessed with a gift or talent. Use yours to generate business and profits with the new Super-Resell Membership!

Creativity is money if you have the tools to apply it correctly!

To sum up, there are currently more than 8000 products at Super-Resell that includes of,

  1. Articles Package.
  2. Audios (eg, royalty free music and etc)
  3. Videos (How to videos, motion backgrounds and etc)
  4. Video templates (like After Effect templates)
  5. eBooks.
  6. Reports.
  7. Packaged products. (Multiple products included in one package)
  8. Scripts (PHP, ASP etc)
  9. Software.
  10. Different types of templates.
  11. Varieties of graphics such as web elements, presentation graphics and many more.
  12. Wordpress Plugins.
  13. Wordpress Themes.
  14. Turnkey web sites
  15. And many more different products

Above is just a small list of what types of products you will find in our inventory, you just have to browse our product inventory to get a full picture of what you will find! Our products inventory is so huge that you will find any products niche that you are looking for! 

All products are included with different distribution and personal usage licenses that may include of normal Resell Rights, MRR (Master resell rights), PLR (Private label rights), Give Away Rights or Personal Usage Rights.

New, fresh quality products are added everyday as well. You will never run out of hot, new quality products with your Super-Resell Membership.

Note that member have unlimited access and download rights to all products including future updates! There is no per product fee for members, ever!

* We offer two different memberships: 3 months OR the most valuable membership of all time, Life Time Membership. Sign up for Life time Membership and you will have life time access and downloads to every product at Super-Resell including new product for your entire lifetime!


6 Months Unlimited Access & Downloads Membership

The Super-Resell 6 months membership is a 6 months membership. You may however cancel your membership anytime during the period of your membership.

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LifeTime Unlimited Access & Downloads Membership

The Super-Resell lifetime membership is an extremely valueable membership that is valid for your entire lifetime. If you are on the lifetime membership, then your account will never expire and you will enjoy our membership service for your entire lifetime!

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* Signing up is a simple process. You will have instant access to the members’ only area after your payment is processed. 
* We accept PayPal payments, and PayPal accepts credit card payments from almost every country in the world.
* Please note that all the memberships above are automatic recurring Paypal subscription (except for the lifetime membership) which means your PayPal or credit card will be automatically billed when your membership reach the end of the membership period. However you can cancel your subscription anytime through PayPal or through us if you don't want to have your account automatically renewed. Cancelling your subscription doesn't deactivate your account, your account will only be deactivated when it reach the end of membership duration.
* If you have any question please refer to our faqs page or contact us.

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