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Build And Profit From Your Own Lists Audio

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Introducing ... Build And Profit From Your Own Lists Audio ...

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From This Audio, You Will Learn How To Build Your Own List, And Make Money From It Time And Time Again!

In this comprehensive and massive package you'll discover:

- The single simple secret to building large and responsive lists
- What you must become to your subscribers for them to respond to your offers
- The first sale you must make before people will subscribe to your lists
- Five ways to build trust with your readers
- Ten ways to monetize your lists
- The one kind of content that you should have in your newsletter that gets people clicking to take action now
- An easy-to-follow newsletter format that gets response time and time again
- What to put in your PS of your newsletter to increase sales
- The little secret of why you should be signing up subscribers to three lists when they first subscribe to your lists, and how to use these three lists to build long-term profits
- Seventeen ways to get more traffic to your site so you can build your lists fast
- How to instantly become an expert in your niche market
- What software tools you'll need to use
- What kind of AutoResponder system is right for you (there's four types, get the wrong kind and you've made a big mistake)
- How to get your traditional email delivered by the major ISPs (yahoo, aol, hotmail, and others)
- Seven different ways to setup your AutoResponder "plumbing" to move your subscribers effortlessly through your subscription and buying systems
- What should your AR system do automatically when someone buys from you
- Why you want to have multiple lists even for the same niche market
- What should you do if someone writes you a "nasty-gram"
- How to keep your AR system running smoothly by doing this one little thing one time a week
- How to do market research for leads, sales, and backend profits
- The three very simple, yet elusive steps to finding and profiting from niche markets
- The difference between sales and marketing - and why not knowing this is killing your chances of making piles of money
- Five different ways you can enter a niche as someone to listen to and follow
- Sixteen resources to help you uncover hot market niches you can dominate
- The two types of people you are looking for before entering any market niche
- The two things people want (and most people are motivated more by one than the other, do you know which it is?)
- The seven most powerful positive emotions (and do you know which of these are the most powerful of all?)
- The seven most powerful negative emotions (and one is more detrimental than all the others combined)
- What does your market niche(s) really want to buy? - it's not what you think
- How to find out exactly what your market wants to buy 
- Twenty-six things to offer people to get them to subscribe to your newsletter
- By the way, no one wants your newsletter - what do they really want that they will give your their name and contact information for immediately?
- How can you acquire all the freebies you need to attract new subscribers
- Why "me too" marketing doesn't work (then why do most people do it and what you should do instead?)
- A simple way to create a great giveaway product without having to write all the content yourself and build an automated marketing machine that brings in dollars over and over again
- Three different ways to make PDF files to use as freebies (ebooks, special reports)
- How to setup your AutoResponder system to complement and enhance your giveaway product to increase response and sales
- What to write in an AutoResponder series to get people clicking on your links
- How to really use Adsense to make money off your lists every time you publish your newsletter
- All the latest hi-tech bells and whistles won't help you make any money unless you understand and master this one thing
- What you must use to clearly articulate the benefits and reasons why people should buy from you
- The little secret that no one else is telling you about what really does the selling
- The most powerful yet widely overlooked marketing tool that you will ever acquire
- Three very basic things that have to lineup and be present before you can make a sale

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