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Protecting Your Computer From Viruses

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Introducing ... Protecting Your Computer From Viruses ...
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Anyone with a home computer knows better than to leave his/her computer unprotected against viruses, Trojans, and other assorted malware.
They make your computer run slowly, they corrupt your files, they flood your inbox with spam, and so on and so on. For as long as there have been home computers, there have been computer viruses.
If you've been keeping up with Apple, you may remember some years ago when Steve Jobs was selling Macs on the basis that Mac users don't ever need to worry about viruses.
Great sales pitch, to be sure, but more recently, Steve Jobs has sheepishly admitted that "Mac users may want to invest in some anti-virus software, after all."    So, no matter your operating system, your computer is not safe from viruses. Even a computer sold on the strength of being immune to viruses is not, in fact, immune.
The fact is that the people who program these computer viruses are just as capable of keeping up with the technology as the people who program anti-virus software.
There is a constant evolution on both sides. As the anti-virus software gets stronger, the virus makers have to get stronger to keep infecting computers, and as the viruses get stronger, the anti-virus must be made stronger in order to fight off virus infections.
In all likelihood, this sort of constant one-upmanship between virus and anti-virus will probably continue for as long as the modern home computer is a part of our daily lives.
In the interest of giving the reader a full understanding of computer viruses and how to keep one’s computer safe from them, we'll start off with ...
This ebook has more details ...

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